In appreciation: You help us with our mission!


City of Agoura Hills

Many thanks to the City of Agoura Hills for your continuous support of our efforts! We thank our city for selecting us as one of the recipients of the City of Agoura Hills Community Outreach Grant Program for the 2019-2020 budget year.


Old Agoura homeowners

Thank you, Old Agoura Homeowners for your continuous support of Poison Free Agoura and your generous donation of $1,000 over the next three years (2019, 2020, 2021).


All supporters

We appreciate all you do for our cause. Some of you I've never met, but you are what keeps us going. You are the reason our community has educational materials, support, and we appreciate all you do for us and we thank you! 


Our Team

You couldn't ask for a better one! These dedicated Agoura Hills residents are an amazing and talented group of people from a variety of industries and backgrounds. All are special! Some of our team members were distributing door hangers in 102-degree heat on a weekend. That's passion and dedication! Our team is a dream team!


Businesses Making a difference

We appreciate the many businesses in Agoura Hills who carry the postcards we developed for customers of automotive and animal-related businesses. Danny's Automotive, Akey Brakey Auto Repair Tire & Smog, Agoura Car Care, Tire Pros, Autobahn West, Koncept Motorwurks,  Auto Clinic Repair, Tire Man, Dioji, Agoura Animal Clinic, West Valley Horse Center,  and Veterinary Angels Medical Center.  

We appreciate our businesses in Agoura Hills that use alternatives to rodent poisons. 

Are you a business in Agoura Hills that doesn't sell rodent poisons or use rodent poisons in your rodent-prevention practices? We want to thank and recognize you! 

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