AB 1788 in 2020!


Poison Free Agoura in Agoura Hills/Coexist with Urban Wildlife

Thank you!


Old Agoura Homeowners' Board 

Hats off to the Old Agoura Homeowners' Board of Directors for the generous gift of $1,000 per year over the next three years! Your donation will help us continue our efforts to provide education to our community about safe alternatives to rodent poisons!

City of Agoura Hills

We are grateful the City of Agoura Hills selected Poison Free Agoura as one of the recipients of the City of Agoura Hills Community Outreach Grant Program for the 2019-2020 budget year! We will use the $1,000 gift to continue our educational efforts in the City of Agoura Hills.






Business in Agoura hills that make a difference!

We recognize West Valley Horse Center for not selling or using rat poisons.


We want to help the customers of our businesses and co-create business cards that help the customers of area businesses. 

You can find our information cards on  how to prevent rats from eating  your wires at the following Agoura Hills businesses: Akey Brakey Auto Repair, Tire Man, Club Auto Center, Auto Clinic Repair, Autobahn West, Koncept Motorwurks, Tire Pros, and Jiffy Lube!

Thank you, Agoura Hills businesses for choosing wildlife!



We've also created cards for animal-related businesses and a general card on how to "See RED" by Repelling, Excluding, and Deterring rats. 

4,000 of our general cards were placed in the goodie bags of the "Dole Great Race" racers. We plan to create more card as ask our businesses to co-create them with us. 

If you have ideas for cards, please contact us at .