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The structure pictured in this video is the John W. Morrison Ranch House. The house was a treasure to many of us in Agoura. The house was built in the 1800's and we were so lucky to have it in our backyard .  Sadly, the home burned in the November, 2018 Woolsey Fire. 

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2 Studies link household rat poison to changes in L.A. bobcats' immune system and genetics:    http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/household-rat-poison-changes-in-la-bobcats-immune-system?fbclid=IwAR2EHaO-aq9b1wPYCo13ughgSfAyHtDWdQI9tgDNI_ocgcOR1wDBkyvalxs#.XHl37fHg_bc.facebook

 Here's a video about rodent poison toxicity in dogs and cats. 


Dogs and Cats - more information


Of the top 10 pet poisons, rodenticides are #2 for dog poisons and #7 for cat poisons.


City of Agoura Hills Door-to-Door HHW Collections Program (dispose of Bait Boxes and Poisons)


Download  Rat Poison and Bait Box Collection Centers 2019 information (see PDF file below)

AB 1788: Bill to regulate the use of  second generation anti coagulant rodenticides!

Information on  AB 1788:


The bill will not advance this year and the language is being fine-tuned at this time. AB 1788 will be a two-year bill and reintroduced in 2020.


To learn more about AB 1788, download or review the AB 1788 Fact sheet. AB1788.

Education is key to understanding how to deal with unwanted guests!


Please read our Poison Types Summary sheet (More Information section of this page). It is important to know about the different poisons are and what they do.  Poisoned animals do not die in the boxes and often times your neighbors will find dying rats at their homes. There are alternatives to poisons. 

Snap traps and electronic traps are poison-free alternatives you can use inside your home.  

There is also a trap that has a CO2 canister (Goodnature). https://www.automatictrap.com/products/a24-rat-and-mouse-trap-kit 

IF GLUE BOARDS OR GLUE TRAPS ARE EVER RECOMMENDED TO YOU - SAY NO.  NEVER USE GLUE TRAPS. According to the Humane Society, Glue boards are one of the cruelest and most dangerous traps. 


Repel Mice and Rats

PRO-PELL Rodent repellent

PRO-PELL Rodent Repellent

PRO-PELL is a professional level repellent. You can use it yourself or a rodent exclusion company to help you.

PRO-PELL is a spray used for protecting your home and structures. It is not easily washed off and oils bind to your foundation. 

To learn more about PRO-PELL, watch this video:


Mouse and Rat Control Products

Natures Mace: 


Motion detecting water sprays: 



Strobe lights: https://rid-a-rat.com

More professional level repellents that you can use yourself or hire a rodent exclusion company to help you.

RoadBlock:  https://www.nixalite.com/product/roadblock-bio-repellents-for-rodents 

 Rat-Out Gel (Garlic-based gel): https://birdbarrier.com/rat-out-gel.html  

 DeTour (white pepper): https://amazon.com/DeTour-Rodents-Tour-Repellent-Detour/dp/B0195UPUNM/ 

There are a lot of products on the Nixalite of America Inc site for Repelling, Excluding, and Deterring rats. 

Helpful Hints

Repel: Plant mint varieties and use products that include balsam fir, peppermint, clove, cinnamon, and garlic barrier concentrate. Use helpful and safe products.

Exclude: Seal buildings, do not overflow trashcans, close up your BBQ, seal entry points to garage doors

Deter: Remove pet feces, pick up your fallen fruit, remove vegetation and debris, use strobe lights or motion-detecting water sprays

There are alternatives to poisons! Remember, no poison is safe! 




Companies that offer Alternatives to rat poisons

Gophers Limited

Non-toxic means of gopher prevention and trapping.

Rodent Masters

Phone: (818) 855-9136

Rodents Stop

 Phone: (818) 583-7287

Ortiz Pest Control

 Ortiz Pest  Control specializes in poison free rodent control and rodent proofing of houses. 


Office: (747) 225-2682

Cell: (818) 667-2306

Smart Gopher Trapping

The company does not use poisons.  

Contact Cris: (818) 699- 8592.

Green Rat Control

(800) 391-0652 or (855) 856-8585

Rodent prevention, attic cleanup, insulation replacement. Greenratcontrol@gmail.com

P-47 exposed to six different anticoagulant compounds

One of the largest mountain lions in the NPS study - Deceased!


Photo credit: National Park Service

How tragic to lose another beautiful Mountain Lion.  Tests revealed he was exposed to six different anticoagulant compounds.  A necropsy found internal hemorrhaging in his head and lungs.  His remains were discovered on 3/21/19. 


The Consequences of Rodenticides

P-22, the Griffith Park Mountain Lion


P-22 was featured in National Geographic Magazine. In this photo, he was poisoned by Diphacinone, a first generation anticoagulant. Diphacinone and Chlorophacinone are unrestricted and available via stores. Source: National Park Service

P3 Dead from Anticoagulants


P3 and P4 died in late 2004 within two weeks of each other. Source: National Park Service

P-34 - Another Victim


Five poisons were found in P-34's system (1st & 2nd Gen). "The compounds found in her system were brodifacoum, bromadiolone, chlorophacinone, difethialone, and diphacinone." Source: National Park Service

Thank you City of Agoura Hills for your support!

The City of Agoura Hills is supportive of our efforts. We are fortunate to live in a wonderful place!

City of Agoura Hills Resolution (pdf)


City of Agoura Hills Letter of Support Break the Chain Campaign (pdf)


Rat Poison Rap

Stephanie Greene, a Poison Free Agoura team member and her classmates created this wonderful video.