What do rats like?

Food, Water, and Shelter


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  Plant mint varieties and use products that include balsam fir, peppermint, clove, cinnamon, and garlic barrier concentrate. Use helpful and safe products.  


 Seal buildings, do not overflow trashcans or trash bins (close or lock lids), clean up BBQ and greaser areas, seal entry points to your home, building, and garage areas  


 Remove pet feces, pick up fallen fruit, remove vegetation and debris, use strobe lights or motion-detecting water sprays.


Links and products

We do not sell any of these products. In the "spirit" of sharing, we want to provide you with sites that offer do it yourself and professional products that are alternatives to rodent poisons.  Eliminate food, water, and shelter - repel, exclude, and deter rats.

NixalitE Website

The Nixalite of America Inc site has a lot of good products for mouse and rodent control.  (Do it yourself or Professional)

Pro-Pell Rodent repellent

PRO-PELL is a product that contains oils that bind to the foundation of homes and/or buildings. It is made up of essential oils (Do it yourself or Professional)


LED light technology for keeping rats from nesting in your car engine compartment and/or chewing on your wires.


Bio repellent for rodents. This product has white pepper as an active ingredient and it gives rodents a negative experience.